It is with great pleasure that I am writing this reference for Belinda Dowsett of BM Interiors.



I first met Belinda 5 years ago, as the associate Director of the last 2 Matrix films, I was looking for an interior designer to assist the production in the set up and design of the dressing/green rooms for our leading cast member, including Keanu Reeves and also the offices of our executive personnel.



Belinda had previously worked on the Star Wars feature film shot at Fox Studios in Sidney and came to me highly recommended by the producer of that film. Belinda’s brief was to design and then organise manufacture and/or purchase all furniture and dressings. Belinda produced budgets for each individual project and all her work was on or under budget. Each room, office and motor home that Belinda worked on as individual, comfortable, practical where necessary, and stylish and much appreciated by those who used them.



After seeing Belinda’s work during Matrix I then engaged her to design and oversee the renovation of my own home. I was at the time working very long hours and did not have the time to do this myself so Belinda took all the pressure off me. Belinda not only produced smart, clever and exciting ideas she also project managed the entire job. Renovation can be a very stressful time for anyone but having Belinda in charge made it very easy for me.  We were delighted at the results Belinda achieved – it was just what we had hoped for only better.



I take this opportunity in commending Belinda Dowsett with my highest regard.