When my husband and I decided to renovate our home, we engaged Belinda to decorate our interior. We had a late Victorian home (with a new extension) to decorate from scratch. We had gathered some ideas and notes but we were unsure of where to start, let alone how to tie it all together.Right from my first meeting with Belinda, I felt very comfortable with her suggestions. She established early on how we used our spaces and what was important to us. For us, that was a relaxed lifestyle with rooms in which to retreat, whilst taking into account the practical aspects of living with two very energetic dogs. We wanted to blend casual with elegant and old with new. Belinda listened carefully to our ideas and came up with wonderful suggestions for a colour scheme and overall character. It did not take long for her to get to know what we might like and so I found the process went very smoothly and was a lot of fun.
Belinda has the ability to see the “big picture” and always seemed to know what would look good in our home, whether it be colour, furniture or finishing touches. She has the ability to see the potential in things that I would otherwise have overlooked. She was always willing to listen and respected my take on things, whilst I trusted her guidance and advice. What we have ended up with is an interior that my husband and I absolutely love and feel expresses our own style. We now have the sanctuary we desired. When I walk into each room, I take pleasure in the calming palette and comforting surroundings, each room with its own identity.
On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Belinda. She is an enthusiastic and friendly person and a pleasure to spend time with. I enjoyed our shopping trips and I have learned a lot from her. She made the whole experience enjoyable and exciting.

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